“FISTSALUD” is a superior team of talents which was formed in 2012 at 800YOYOCLASS.

Under the leadership of Kazuki Hayashi, the crew has expanded worldwide with members from around the globe.

For us, Yo-Yo is an essential part of our lives.
This tool allows us to engage with individuals at a global range.

Currently, there are many Yo-Yo teams.
However, “FISTSALUD” is a team that not only focuses on technical skills, but considers individuality, originality, personality
and creativity to be a great part of Yo-Yo play. Our teammates all are unique.

Moreover, “FISTSALUD” is not only a Yo-Yo team, but we produce apparel and music as well.

Overall, we aim to have great times together and make sure everyone is having a good time.